About Us

Born in 2009, Techvedic is a team of dedicated, experienced and vibrant professionals from the discipline of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), who are determined to simplify its various offerings, either available or emerging, in the form of hardware, software and cloud-based services to let end-users, including individuals and businesses both, derive the best from their technology investments to make their lives harmonious, and business growth consistent, rewarding and sustainable.

What We Believe

Techvedic believes in the democratic notion of the technology, i.e. technology is by the people, of the people and for the people. We want to make it work the way our customers or partners want. We delve into the requirements of end-technology users, and pursue the innovation track to find or develop the right solution.

What Makes Us Different

The DNA of that rests in our business philosophy mentioned below and reflects clearly in how we do the business to make definite changes that people always aspire for.

Corporate Integrity

Doing business ethically, we strive to do absolute justice with our acts against each and every stakeholder from the employee to partner to customer to community at large.


We have a fair, transparent and accountable business administration which is sensitive towards all the constituent stakeholders.


Sustainability for us is a broad concept that includes the interest of every stakeholder.

Be the change you want to see – with this in mind, we operate from an eco-friendly sustainable infrastructure that helps in reducing the consumption of energy, and hence, eventually the carbon footprints.

We help our customers and partners as well to build the same green IT environment or infrastructure at their homes or workplaces.


We make sure that our solutions and services can always withstand the scrutiny of time and space and bring the best result for our customer and partner.