What We believe

What we believe

What we do, why we do that and how we do that are purely based on what we believe. Take a walk through it.


Technology is by the people, of the people and for the people – the very definition coined by Abraham Lincoln for Democracy stands true for technology as well. Thus, technology should work the way people want it to. And, we endeavor to make it true at all angles, whether it’s streamlining technology through on-demand tech support, unfolding technology fabrics through unbiased journalism, protecting and securing data through cloud technology or making technology the voice of a business.


Customer is the King or Queen: Yes, you heard it correctly, and we make it happen. We churn customer-friendly technology solutions to let people stay in harmony with technology and stay true to their dreams. Understanding the changing technology consumption behavior of consumers and businesses, we keep modifying our services and the mode of delivery. Inclusion of In-Home and In-Store tech support delivery modules, support for home entertainment appliances like TVs and home-theaters, gaming consoles, tablets and phones, and launch of cloud backup and recovery, among others, reflect our approach to go closer to consumers where they work or entertain. Comprehensive and tailored small and medium business IT support packages are to drive the economy forward besides offering peace of mind to entrepreneurs to stay focused on their business goals leaving behind IT management and maintenance worries.


Going the extra mile, because it’s never crowded: What does it take to become a champion? It’s nothing but consistent and extra efforts, which others hardly do. Yes, we believe in delivering more every time. Becoming a leader is not our cup of tea, instead we want consumers to be the leader, the master of technology. We offer easy-to-follow and end-to-end technical solutions and insights into the world of technology and try to unearth sophisticated cyber scams even before they could make an impact. Thus, we want people to derive the most from technology in a hassle-free and secured manner.