Life At Techvedic

Life at Techvedic

Paint the Canvas of Life with Vibrant Techvedic Colors

Work with a company which can do justice with your potential, passion and fidelity. Learn more about “Life at Techvedic” and lead yourself from a challenging today to a better tomorrow, and stand out of the crowd.

Values & Growth Opportunity

Transparency, integrity and accountability – collectively form the driving torque of Techvedic, and we make every attempt to bring them into every stage of employee hiring, engagement, elevation and retention.


Techvedic gives you flexible work options, which would help you to balance work, home and education. An employee has the leverage to consult his/her manager openly and choose the shift that would be comfortable for him/her. One is also entitled to avail a compensatory off after the discussion. And thus can maintain the equilibrium.

Wealth- and Health-Care

We are committed to provide financial and health soundness to our employees. We bring into action flexible EPF (employee provident fund), ESI (Employee’s State Insurance), and Health Insurance Policy. Paid maternity and paternity leaves and flexible sick-leave policy are to complement it.

Fun & Entertainment

A smile is a sword that can thrash away a million enemies. To equip our employees with the power, we organize games (Guitar-play, Fundoo Fridays, etc.) that are weird and wacky, through to the active, competitive, cerebral and cultural. Our objective is to keep them stress-free and let the momentum go amidst various operational challenges.