Why Techvedic

Why Techvedic?

  1. A professional career not a job: We give a progressive career trajectory justifying your skills and expertise based on the periodic unbiased evaluations of your contribution to the company. Believe it; we can propel it past ordinary to extraordinary.
  2. A transparent culture: We maintain a culture of openness and trust from the inside out. Find every reason that could impact you and the business. We advocate out-of-the-box thinking made by anyone from anywhere.
  3. A responsive system: We have a collaborative environment, where you get things done at your call without any follow-up, and thus, stay focused on your work. Great colleagues will make you feel at home.
  4. Training and development: Stay abreast with the technology and customer behavior with our rigorous training and assessment classes. Quench your thirst and curiosity of technology by grilling your training experts. We keep recognizing and awarding valuable contributors.
  5. Stress-free work environment: Maintain a healthy balance between work and home and live life without boundaries, because we believe the best can be achieved when you work with a cool head driven by your inner instinct.
  6. Benefits that you can count: Apart from the competitive salary, bonus and lucrative incentive, we give subtle care towards the financial and health security of our employees and their dependents. Our flexible education and vacation policy, paid maternity and paternity leave, free commuting to and from office and meal coupons will give every reason not only to join but to stay with us.