Computer Hookup

Computer Hookup


Hookup involves integration of accessories and peripherals with your computer or network to derive seamless productivity. The process is based on analytics, and evaluation of the type and volume of work, and mutual compatibility of the products.


Services We Offer
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Hook-up computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, …

Hookup and configure Ethernet cable or Wi-Fie to access Internet
Hook-up printers, scanners, webcams, …
Setting up and configuring email accounts
Backup and transfer files, photos, videos, emails, settings, etc.
  • Can you hookup computer peripherals derived from any manufacturers?
  • Yes, we don’t restrain ourselves to the origin or manufacturers. We embrace all technology products.

  • I have lost my driver CD. Can you help me to get a compatible printer driver?
  • Don’t worry. Our XpertCrew™ can install compatible driver, and show your printer working in an error-free state.

  • Do you charge for software?
  • We don’t charge unless it’s freely available from the developer end.