Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution


Did you ever wonder why your customers or clients leave you? Of course, many simultaneous inference can be derived, and that could reveal your shortcomings as well. A few prominent ones that are hard to defy are:

  • Uncompetitive pricing
  • Feeling of ignorance
  • Unresolved complaint
  • Swayed by better offerings from your competitors

What to Do?

If you didn’t react positively and in time, it would be reflected in loss of revenue. Hence, action is wanted, but it should be strategically defined to understand customers’ concerns and expectations. The, what to do?

  • Interact MORE with customers? This is the only way that you can read their pulse.
  • Evaluate the quality of products and services and pricing thereof.
  • Follow strict service-level-agreement while addressing complaints.
  • Respond to service request promptly.

How Techvedic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution can help?

  • Track customers’ move and make them smile
    No matter what you are into, or where you are, your customers – whether active, potential, or even terminated – are vital. Watch their moves across all stages or levels of your business processes, like sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support, through our automated and organized CRM solution and serve them better to have a tangible impact on business ROI (return on investment) besides exploring growth potential that awaits through words of mouth.
  • Drive Performance with Mobile CRM
    Timely collaboration between field sales, sales management, inventory management and customers can make a big difference to your business. Converge them all to have real-time access of business information through our mobile CRM and empower everyone from employees to partners and customers to attain their objectives in a transparent manner.
  • Bring your teams together
    Often you need to safely distribute business plans and proposals, competitor comparisons and similar documents on real-time basis to your sales and marketing team to keep everyone informed and productive collectively, and there is nothing new as business is all about sharing responsibilities, pulling down weights, and going together. Explore this potential of unity by the integrated intra communication and sharing channels, and keep everyone in your business at one platform with the right kind of information segregated by the organizational hierarchy to meet today’s customer expectations in a quick and easy manner.
  • Gain agility and intelligence
    By increasing the all-channel management performance, respond quickly to customers’ requests, concerns or queries, and complaints, if any. Moreover, our CRM syncs with trusted self-survey applications from SurveyMonkey, and others to empower you with the business trends depicting the behavior of potential market and its customers.
  • Socialize with customers
    Encouraging, not so good, or bitter – know that what convictions customers have about your brands. And what could be the better platform to acquaint with all other than the social media. That’s why we cater CRM solutions that can easily integrate with social media tools and services and provide you with every-minute customers’ pulse update. Furthermore, have live communication with customers through online chat apps, such as Live Chat, ClickDesk, HelpOnClick, community forums, complaint boards, etc. Thus, engage, and being responsive make an enduring two-way relationship with customers.
  • Push Marketing ROI (Return on Investment)
    With our automated marketing CRM, developing targeted marketing activities becomes breeze. Define success metrics, identify all inquiries, leads and sales, and derive business critical information with unmatched precision through integrated CRM business analytics tools and make the marketing campaign effective to enhance sales and reduce chargeback and, ultimately boost the business ROI factor.

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