Data Backup & Install

Data Backup & Install


You never know, when and how data loss or system crash like mishap would ruin your peace of mind. Hence, it’s must to have a data backup software that can automatically back up newly created or modified file versions at a safe abode. Also the stored data should be encrypted using best-of-the-breed security technology to eschew any unauthorized access.


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Installing and configuring data backup software

Taking full volume backup or backup of selected files and folders
Creating identical clone of any volume or the entire hard disk
Modifying security settings for safely storing backup files
Preparing bootable 'Rescue disk' that can be used to restore the system in the event of a crash
Mounting/Un-mounting backup image to access all backed up data
  • Why do I need to have backup?
  • Situations like system crash or hard-disk failure are unpredictable. And, we don't want you to lose your photos, music, videos and documents under such mishaps.

  • Can XpertCrew™ help me to backup selected files, folders, volumes, email databases?
  • Yes, we can explore the built-in backup feature to let you preserve every bit of computer data.

  • I’m unable to boot my system. Will you help me to recover the backup image?
  • Yes, we can exploit the system software repair utilities to retrieve your data successfully.

  • What if the data on my hard disk is virus infected?
  • Relax! We can wipe off viruses, spyware and malware from your system to let you have a safe and secure data backup.