Data Recovery

Data Recovery


Often you lose important data or files from your system either due to mechanical or personal faults. Sometimes, you retrieve it back, sometimes not. Generally, any operating system running on your system holds a mechanism to restore such deleted files. In Microsoft Windows, “Windows Backup & Restore” or “Restore Previous Versions,” and in Apple OS X or later you can make a comeback with “Time Machine” or “Disk Utility.” Apart from this, several third-party file recovery or data backup tools are also available to ease your job. However, an expert hand is required to make the most of available resources.


Services We Offer




Installing and configuring data backup software

Taking full or selected backup of files and folder
Creating identical clone of any volume or the entire hard disk
Modifying security settings for safely storing backup files
Preparing bootable 'Rescue disk' that can be used to restore the system in the event of a crash
Mounting/Un-mounting backup image to access all backed up data
  • Why do I need to have backup?
  • Situations like system crash or hard-disk failure are unpredictable. And, we don't want you to lose your photos, music, videos and documents under such mishaps.

  • Can your agent recover data from a corrupted hard-disk?
  • Yes, but to a limited extent. We try our best to recover your data using backup feature or software.

  • I had a backup software, but it’s not working. Would your experts fix that?
  • Yes, provided it’s not expired. We can reinstall or update it to make functional as per your requirement.

  • I think my computer has met a crash, it’s not turning on. Will your experts help me to take backup?
  • Yes, our XpertCrew™ is equipped with essential expertise to combat any such unpleasant situation.