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Techvedic Tea Time

IT is narrowing the rift between people, communities and nations. While sitting at one corner of the world we can stay connected with family and friends — who matter the most. Working environment at education institutions, offices, retail and wholesale businesses, a range of manufacturing and service industries, and government sectors has changed a lot in the dawn of IT. Information technology is bringing all people irrespective of their disabilities, and diversity in culture, language and religion to one platform, where democracy theme prevails – each individual bestowed with the right to explore his/her growth horizon without any bias. Also, it’s changing the rigid mindset of those who used to think different. Thus, it is realizing the dream – One Earth and One Family.

Techvedic Technologies, since its birth is incessantly and ardently steering towards the destiny. The Editor’s Picks section is a small step exploring the world of IT blessings, which are playing subtle role in the uplift of the human race. We will walk through the various encounters of the technology with people, organization and societies in which it’s embedded. Thus, we will evaluate the relationship between – Technology & People – on practical ground, but with a new outlook. Hope visitors will find it worth-to-read and innovative.

However, visitors to this Web portal are requested not to consider them mere listener/reader as Techvedic is not serving the role of speaker or writer. This is a tea time, and we will like to enjoy it together. However, the section is subject to scrutiny, and Techvedic team welcomes all feedbacks and suggestions open-heartedly to make the mission purposeful.