Email Setup

Email Setup


Sending/receiving email is one of the most popular Internet activities; the fact has been approved many a time by leading firm involved in monitoring the online people’s behavior. Though, diversity exists on the usage of the type of email services and email clients, despite all, there is one thing in common that like any other IT services this electronic communication is too subject to issues which can range from technical to security. Thus, reliable email setup help is the need of the hour.


Services we offer

Setting up and configuring email accounts

Backing up and transferring email messages
Updating Internet security software & configuring firewall
Scanning and removing viruses, spyware and malware
Tips for customizing privacy settings
Troubleshooting email errors
Updating operating system and browser
  • Can your technicians setup, configure and troubleshoot any email account?
  • Yes, we are well versed with the settings of all popular email service providers.

  • Can you help me to back up and transfer email messages?
  • Yes, we know the art of restoring email settings as well as messages from one platform to another.

  • Do I need to submit or share any personal information for email setup?
  • Not at all; just we need some setting related information from your email service provider.