Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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What holds back your business? Evidently, flaws in managing a functional business and underestimating the significance of well-strategized business activities lead you toward common accountabilities that block the success path. A few can be summarized as:

  • Poor business planning
  • Not setting priorities
  • No importance to accurate data
  • Lack of maintenance strategy
  • Underrating required resources & time

What to Do?

Apparently, you cannot enjoy witnessing collapse of the return-on-investment graph, and thus, you need to put the right resource planning and distribution strategy into action. You need to focus more while:

  • OBSERVING client requirements
  • ANALYZING their business patterns
  • CREATING well-strategized resource management plans
  • EXPLORING the possibilities to fulfill client expectations

How Techvedic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution can help?

  • Streamline Business Processes
    Get an ERP solution which can adapt with your needs, catch up the evolving rhythm and stay running and up in a matter of days without hampering the current business cycle. Automated reports help you with identifying trends and data anomalies besides exploring new opportunities for growth. Thus, save time, reduce complexity and keep the total cost of ownership low whilst driving the business ROI (return on investment).
  • Get a 360-degree View of Your Business
    Gain improved visibility across different processes, viz., procurement, inventory, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR, and have better control over your business. Greater business intelligence derived from integrated powerful analytical tools, pre-defined views, workspaces and templates coupled with real-time data flow to the right people is not only crucial in decision making at the managers’ level, but also at the involved teammates’ front responsible for production or steering operation and driving the growth quotient.
  • Keep People Informed Anywhere Anytime
    Empower people with the accurate and consistent business critical information anywhere anytime through our easy-to-use web-based interface accessible across any device or platform. Reap the benefit of bring your own device (BYOD) culture, and allow your employees to take business decisions when and where required. They can enter, approve or print timesheets, expenses and purchase orders, check bank balances or customer details, track the success of your marketing campaign, and do more as per the demand of your process being online on a range of supported devices, and initiate desired action.
  • Evolve and Grow
    We have customized ERP solutions that can integrate with a wide range of applications to help you manage unlimited number of concurrent users across different companies with enhanced capabilities. Whether they are confined to a same space or dispersed at multiple remote locations, we have consistent, flexible and scalable solutions to match with evolving business needs. Cope with the growing user-base or business by enabling data processing across multiple servers or upgrading from one ERP solution to another.

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