Game console setup

Game Console Setup


Explore the online and offline gaming resources and make them magnificent on your big screen with the built-in graphic potential of your game console. Additionally, navigate the Web with the installed browser, play music from varied media formats, savor the media libraries of iTunes and Zune, and stay connected with friends online through video conferencing.


Services we offer

Connecting game console device with high-definition or standard TV or monitor

Installing and updating game console software
Modifying game console settings for maximum clarity or resolution
Setting up and authenticating online and local user accounts
Connecting extra speakers using stereo connectors for amazing audacity
Connecting extra speakers using stereo connectors for amazing audacity
Help with storing television shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, levels, demos and more available from online store of the manufacturer
  • Can your XpertSquad setup and configure any game console?
  • Yes, our experts can deliver end-to-end support to setup and configure any game console.

  • Is downloading of games, videos, music, etc., safe from online portal of game console manufacturer?
  • Yes, most of the times.

  • Can I connect my gaming console to my existing computer network?
  • Yes, if you have a network set up in your house we can connect your gaming console directly to that.

  • Will my system need a wireless adapter?
  • Most of the newer game console devices come with built-in wireless adapter so you don’t have to buy any additional one.