Hardware Install

Hardware Installation


Hardware is the core platform to make computing feasible. Any mechanical or human errors in terms of hardware setup and installation can be the crux of computer or network issues.


Services We Offer




Evaluating the requirement and assessing hardware compatibility

Replacing or repairing damaged computer hardware components
Resetting or configuring hardware components
Troubleshooting damaged printer or router
Data backup and transfer, in case of hard-disk replacement
Installing requisite software products including operating system
  • Can your agent take care of hardware devices purchased from any shop?
  • Yes. We are not restricted by the origin or manufacturer of the hardware parts.

  • Will you install software after hardware repair/replacement?
  • Yes. Our team can install operating system, and perform a complete PC checkup to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Can you also provide computer hardware parts?
  • No. You need to purchase that by yourself.