Home Theater Consultation

Home Theater Consultation


Home theater—the face-lift of the home TV experience—discovers the best from technology with the homogenous amalgamation of audio, video and networking aspects of it. Successful home theater creation is an art of providing a level play ground to each home theater component so that it can connect and share without other without any wall.



Buying tips to get a just home theater system to suit living space and budget

Evaluating the product specifications of home theater, TV, set top box, etc.
Explanation of items that can and cannot be accomplished
Setting up and configuring all essential components to affirm best view angle
Instructions to arrange home décor properly to gain the best acoustics
Step-by-step instructions to fix any related problems
  • Can you help me with device-to-device sharing method to share media content among home appliances and/or mobile devices?
  • Yes. We have the expertise used in standard networks (HTTP, UPnP, Wi-Fi, etc.) protocols and can make device-to-device sharing a breeze.

  • Can you add an HD set top box to my home theater with HDMI?
  • Yes, we can properly connect an HD cable or satellite box to your home theater system.

  • Would you set up speakers and wireless card?
  • Yes. Besides we can help with configuring the Automatic Sound Calibration, and can arrange your room to get the best picture and sound quality out of your system.

  • Sound from my home theater is not in sync with the picture. Would you help me?
  • Our XpretSquad can adjust the streaming speed of the video and audio content to let you have the perfect TV experience.