Home Theater Setup

Home Theater Setup


Home theater setup is nothing but channelizing different technology protocols into one to bring unmatched entertainment at one space. Often it incorporates TV, Blu-ray, TIVO, Slingbox, etc. to let you consume and share media content as per your wish.


Services we offer
In Home

Conducting survey of available space before home theater setup

Evaluating the product specifications of home theater, TV, set top box, etc.
Explanation of items that can and cannot be accomplished
Anchoring TV to standard frame wall or under cabinet using customer-supplied bracket
Setting up surround sound speaker system and evaluating their frequency
Configuring up to two (2) Smart TV/Blu-Ray player apps for media streaming (ie. Netflix, Pandora, Cinema Now)
Tutorials to make you understand about usage of home theater system and components
  • Can your XpertSquad help me to connect Bluray player to my home theater?
  • Yes. We can setup or connect Bluray player with your home theater.

  • Will your team clean up DVD laser lens inside the home theater?
  • Yes, if there is any play back issues. Our team is equipped with genuine DVD lens cleaners and compressed air canisters.

  • My home theater remote control is not working. Would you fix that?
  • Yes, if there is no mechanical fault. Our experts can reset mode, and check whether the infrared signal is coming, and the remote sensor is working fine.

  • Sound from my home theater is not in sync with the picture. Would you help me?
  • Our XpretSquad can adjust the streaming speed of the video and audio content to let you have the perfect TV experience.