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Adoption of computing and communication devices along with the Internet access has witnessed an exponential surge in the past few years. Ease of content accessibility, deeper Internet penetration and availability of affordable devices and data or broadband plan are a few of the key-attributes of it. Kathryn Zickuhr, in a report dated October 23, 2012, titled “Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits,” under the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has exposed that teens are gradually turning to e-books preferably through their cell phone (41%) or computer (55%) or e-book reader such as a Kindle (23%) or tablet (16%). Audiences are no more dependent on a single device to access media content from Web. Interestingly, they believe in connected home, and want their digital stuffs to be shared across different platforms including PCs, tablets, smartphones and TVs. Listening to consumers’ demand, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are also coming with ergonomic products equipped with enhanced features and usability thereof.
Taking note of the multi-platform paradigm and users’ agility, Techvedic is constantly updating and learning to make sure our internet tech support portfolio is cutting edge. The support index exclusively covers computer and peripherals, TV, video, game console, phones and tablets. From consultation to hookup, setup, repair, tune-up and data recovery services, all are available at one-stop to let people derive maximum from technology. Going forward, the company has introduced online store in the U.S. and U.K., from where users can download software and applications of their choice, besides placing order for Techvedic reviewed or recommended computer, printer or laptop.
Powered by XpertCrew™, a team of skilled technicians is involved in providing top remote tech support, resolving technology issues over the Internet or phone. Even more, the company has certified experts to take care of intensive hardware issues by offering on-site repair and maintenance services. By deserting manufacturer imposed warranty terms and conditions, Techvedic embraces all software and hardware products.