How it Works

Techvedic Tech Support: How It Works

In the pursuit of simplifying technology to make it easily accessible and more purposeful for you, Techvedic brings flexible and tailored, yet cost-effective tech support for computer software and hardware products. How it works?  Well, XpertCrew™ – the exclusively trained and certified Techvedic technology experts – make it happen. Read below to find how we reach you.

(A)  Online Tech Support

Making tech support accessible Anywhere Anytime, Techvedic brings remote tech support powered by the BOMGAR software which is reviewed by Symantec Corporation, a globally acknowledged security software company. See how it works, and connects you with our technical helpdesk in no time with security intact.

Step 1:

Dial the toll-free number +855-859-0057 and find our XpertCrew™ members at your service. Speak your mind. Experts will SEEK your PERMISSION to access your system remotely.

Step 2:

The authorized technician will provide you the SESSION KEY required to initiate the remote session through the BOMGAR Remote Access Page.

Step 3:

Click on the Button that says “Start” to begin the remote session. Once you are done, the technician can see your desktop or screen, and access required system files, or applications to address your concern.


BOMGAR remote-session is SSL encrypted; besides the software resides in your network, under the security measures you already have in place. And, interestingly, the software leaves no footprint once the remote session ends. Going ahead, users have the privilege to terminate the session anytime by clicking on the “X” button on the session window.

(B)   In-Home Tech Support

The direct-to-home service from Techvedic delivers exactly what you need, when you need, and where you need.

Fix appointment with our XpertCrew™ and see how we can make a difference in technology experience at home or office with efficient tech support services.

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(C)   In-Store Tech Support

The repair and maintenance center of Techvedic US maintains the traditional PC repair business, but with a different outlook to stay up to your rising expectation in terms of service quality.

Search your local repair center and, either call us to get your device collected from your place or bring it on your own. We will diagnose and fix your technology problems and deliver it on time to let you have the error-free experience.

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