The Impact of e-Commerce on the Lifestyle Merchandise Retail

The Impact of e-Commerce on the Lifestyle Merchandise Retail

India is not just a land of multiculturalism, but if you look beyond that then you would readily find one thing which is unmatched, yes, it’s the ever growing consumerism. The demography and demand creates a ready market and it is on account of this that foreign players are readily ignited to invest in this country. If you speak about the market, in that case, youths are the dominating force and with the rise in GDP, per capita income and favorable business environment, favorable atmosphere has surfaced for lifestyle merchandise retail. The emergence of e-Commerce has further improved the marketing prospects of lifestyle products. Nowadays, from apparel and accessories to cosmetics, furnishing and homeware, everything can be found online. There is no limit to brands and price range. You can enjoy the pleasure of shopping by simple sitting at home, make payments online and receive your goods at home, this is the clout of e-commerce and it has harbored the best benefits for every lifestyle retailer. And with e-Commerce platform in place, the shop, shopping and transaction continue 24/7.

The improvement of IT infrastructure, marked by the increased broadband and mobile based Internet access, has paved the process and at present e-Commerce has become the key to success in lifestyle merchandise marketing. The use of mobile and computer has spiked and with youths resorting to online, new realms has slowly and steadily been unraveled for witnessing unprecedented growth with the help of e-Commerce.

Emergence of players like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Myntra, Shop clues, among others, has given more leverage to folks to enjoy a wholly dynamic shopping experience. Having the largest amount of population in the world in between the age group of 18-24 years, various players are waging war on the online platform to grasp this ready market. We have witnessed the exuberance at the GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival) that took the Indian retailers and online shopaholics by storm.

Now, one may think that how suddenly this e-Commerce solution has resonated so much in the fore; well, in that case, you got to look at these points that have helped in its expansion.

  1. Due to low Internet prices and optimum connectivity and speed, now-a-days people are more attuned towards using smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops for shopping. So, the old days are long gone when shopping meant going out in rain, winter and summer struggling with traffic congestions and bustling crowd.
  2. The improvement in IT infrastructure has improved the number of netizens and high speed 3G services have made accessibility of Internet easier than ever.
  3. The purchasing power of the people has also increased, thereby the people especially in cities have turned ultramodern and they want to shed every extra buck that they have on shopping.
  4. Shopping convenience has further strengthened the market and now-a-days youths have to just use their phones and tablets to enjoy a live shopping experience at the comfort of their home.

How can e-commerce change the face of lifestyle retail sector?

With 100 million Internet users’ twiterrating, Facebooking and Instragraming pics and photos on Internet platform, the scope of making it big through e-commerce sites doesn’t look bleak. Social media has become a force in picture, so folks are downloading apps on their phones to identify the latest trend that prevails in the market. So, no matter whether it is Dior, Armani, Gucci or Chanel, every player in the market is trying to engulf its niche. The influence of content marketing has also readily ignited. Now-a-days, customers are intelligent than ever and they are looking for information and recommendations that can help them to streamline the purchase. So, every player are looking to improve their prospects and e-commerce is providing them the much needed leverage by revolutionizing the trends. So, when customers are getting the right app on which they are able to figure out the trending life style fashions that are prevailing in the market, it keeps them captivated and they are willing to visit every now and then.

At the same time, when the customers are getting it done on online platforms then they can enjoy multi-shopping experience where they can group shop with friends and families on online platforms. For example, Instagram has launched shopping window where you get the leverage of group shopping and you can share your preferences online and ask for recommendation from your friends. So, you get the leverage of getting the best shopping experience and if you are not satisfied with one vendor, you are always having myriad options available to streamline the purchasing experience.