Co-Founder –Anurag Sharma

Anurag is one of the directors having founded the company in 2009. Anurag understood early on how the power of the Internet could change how we communicate and conduct business online. Anurag has led Techvedic to be the fastest growing company in the USA by providing vision and keeping focused on delivering effective IT professional services. Anurag frequently speaks on professional services, best business practices, and is active in many of the local professional organizations.
Anurag is on the Board of Directors for the Techvedic Inc. at Las Vegas Nevada in the United States

Co-Founder & VP of Business Development(Executive Sponsor) – Sumit Ruhela

‘“Start early and go long” this one-of-the-kind attitude is infectious and keeps the Techvedic team on its toes,’ believes Sumit Ruhela, Vice President, Business Development. As Techvedic’s most tenured employee, Sumit’s persistent focus is on matching clients’ strategic business needs with the most compelling and innovative business solutions. His passion for helping clients maximizes their impact by leveraging the state-of-the-art strategies. Blending digital chops with business expertise, he has given momentum to the company’s business portfolio across all verticals overcoming any meanwhile challenges.