Mobile/Tablet Data Transfer

Mobile/Tablet Data Transfer


Data (personal files, emails, or user account settings) transfer is an important concern after purchasing a new mobile/tablet. To let you go smooth with the data transfer via copper wires, fiber optic cable, or via radio waves, Techvedic’s XpertCrew™ offers on-demand tech support.



Quick to understand tutorial to make use of the built-in data backup and transfer feature

Transferring mobile content from phone/tablet to PC or backup local data on PC
Restoring backup data to any supported phones or tablets
Transferring data to a secure online portal as recommended by your telephony provider
Synchronizing phone with tablet/PC or other supported devices
  • Will your XpertCrew™ help me to transfer data between different phone/tablet platforms?
  • Yes, we can successfully transfer data or settings between different phone/tablet platforms (for e.g. from Nokia to Motorola and vice versa).

  • Is there a way to create online backup for phone/tablet data?
  • Yes, in case your Internet service provider or phone operator offers the same.

  • Are there third-party backup devices to facilitate data transfer between different phone operators?
  • Yes. And, we can guide you to accomplish the job with a breeze.