Phone Setup

Phone Setup


Quick mantra for phone setup — from inserting SIM and personalizing settings to activating features and services – all is available from XpertCrew™ spearheading Techvedic. Be it iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or any other, we know how to get you started with your phone in no time.



Helping you to understand phone features and services

Support to choose country, language, GPS, Wi-Fi services, etc.
Account verification to let your phone being recognized by company’s server
Backing up data, email, contacts, calendars and settings from previous phones or other devices
Enabling and configuring cloud feature
Setting up & configuring email, messaging app, social network
Recommendation to configure security features
  • I don’t have the required email server settings information? Can you still help me with email account settings?
  • Yes, our XpertCrew™ is updated with the relevant email server settings information.

  • Will you help me to backup and restore existing user account, data, information or emails from other devices?
  • Yes. Our XpertCrew™ can backup and restore all important digital stuffs.

  • Can your XpertCrew™ setup and activate phones from any brand?
  • Yes, we have subject-matter-experts for every popular smartphones or tablets.

  • Will your team help me to configure Exchange ActiveSync in my phone?
  • Yes, if your phone support Exchange ActiveSync.