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Techvedic Products and Services

Techvedic aim at innovating the people’s life with technology and empowering them to do more independently. See how our brands steer the democratic notion of the technology to make its impacts tangible across different walks of life.

1. Tech Support
Technology is meant to serve the people and not the vice versa, and thereby we aim to make it work the way they want, no matter what they do – work, share, connect, communicate, and entertain among others at home, business or even on-the-move with the device of their choice. Understanding the diversity of the devices that are in use to accomplish personal, professional and social tasks, Techvedic bring a comprehensive tech support portfolio with assistance from highly skilled technicians averting the make, model or origin aspects of products or services in question. And is not constrained by the manufacturer/publisher imposed warranty terms.

Why Techvedic stand out?

  1. Accessible anywhere anytime via phone, email or chat
  2. Brings rich tech support portfolio covering computing, entertainment, gaming, etc.
  3. Checks technology maintenance budgets with tailored plans
  4. Makes technology hassle-free and secured
  5. Ensures optimum technology performance

Back to top ˆ2. Backup and Recovery
Nowadays, every bit of information whether related to personal, social or professional life has been digitalised. Surprisingly, your endeavor, capital & trust stay on the mercy of the lifeless semiconductor chips which might corrupt anytime. Underscoring the concern of data loss caused due to memory corruption, system crash, virus or malware intrusion, natural calamity, etc., we, at Techvedic, came with quick, easy and reliable cloud data backup and recovery solutions workable for PCs, Macs, and Android and iPhone devices.

Why go with Techvedic backup and recovery solution?

  1. Automatic backup
  2. Instant anywhere access
  3. Easy file recovery
  4. Tailored home and business plans
  5. Unlimited archiving
  6. Free trial
  7. 24/7 based support

Back to top ˆ3. Business Collaboration and Communication
Techvedic provide the realistic business collaboration and communication solutions to let entrepreneurs stay productive making the best of the available market opportunities and their investment by allowing their employees, departments and offices connect in an incessant, agile and secured manner for smooth business conduct. Permeating the diversity in terms of device platform, media availability, and geography, we aim at offering people the best collaboration experience.

Why Techvedic business collaboration and communication?

  1. For more spontaneous and intuitive business communication
  2. Scalable business communication matching time and space
  3. Increased employee productivity & customer satisfaction
  4. Reduced operational costs and enhanced return on investment

Back to top ˆ4. Customer relationship management solutions (CRM)
“Satisfied customers are brand ambassadors”, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions from Techvedic can help you make it happen without any stress by having a 360 – degree view of your customers.
When it comes to delighting customers, intellects, round the globe, unanimously agree with the below formula.
Satisfaction=Scale* Efficiency*Quality
Here is what that means:

  1. Scale = the number of customer issues an organization receives.
  2. Efficiency= the amount of time it takes for an organization to respond to an issue.
  3. Quality= the percent of issues resolved with a single response.

By having a better two-way interaction with customers through our CRM solutions, you not only entertain your existing customers with reliable and responsive service, but also increase your chances of gaining the confidence of non-existing ones.

Back to top ˆ5. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Your people are the face of your business, who make your vision and mission tangible. Therefore, we, at Techvedic, develop innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that empower them to collaborate and communicate in a better manner across all departments and drive the business goals amid all challenges by having an enduring impact on customers.
We don’t only provide ERP solutions, but make sure that they work right in your business ecosystem and serve the below objectives:

  1. Integrate financial information
  2. Integrate customer order information
  3. Standardize and speeding up manufacturing processes
  4. Reduce inventory
  5. Standardize HR information

With consolidated real-time business information, make better business strategy, serve customers with agility and perfection and create the paragon that you dreamt of.

Back to top ˆ6. Technology Shopping
‘Where to go’ is an important concern when it comes to shopping your preferred technology products, and Techvedic Tech Store answers to it by offering more exciting, easier, simpler and safer technology shopping experience without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Why shop at Techvedic Tech Store?

  1. Get the biggest brands at low prices
  2. Secure credit/debit card payment gateways
  3. On-time delivery
  4. Real-time order tracking
  5. Great Customer Service
  6. Money-back guarantee
  7. After-Sales service

Back to top ˆ7. Technology Journalism
Puzzled with ‘what to buy’ and ‘why to or not to buy that’? Or interested in just whetting your technology knowledge? Techvedic bring an independent technology journalism based on meticulous and detailed product analysis to let you stay informed and make decision smartly before you pour in your heard earned money at any retail or conclude about the pros and cons of a technology.
Products reviewed by our technology experts can help you choose the best products available in the market matching your budget and home décor. We provide product rating based on internal Lab testing results and customer reviews, walk you thoroughly through the products’ technical specifications, features, usability and their merits and demerits.

See how Techvedic can quench your appetite:

  1. Gives crystal clear products’ vision
  2. Explores how technology will meet objectives
  3. Finds the best alternatives available at better prices
  4. Offers trusted software to download
  5. Keeps abreast with the tech world happenings

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