Remote Control Setup

Remote control setup


Literally, make your home theater dance with the flick of your finger-tips. Seems strange? Yes, you can. Take a dive into remote control setup with XpertCrew™, and the rest — be changing channels, navigating a DVR or streaming movies through Netflix, or whatever you sense –will follow automatically while you are rolling up with cushion.


Services we offer

Programming remote control to TV, DVD, PC, Mac or other devices, as required

Setting up remote control user ID and password for Web-based access
Explanation of the operation of your newly programmed remote control device
Verifying remote control to ensure all devices are connected and responding well
  • Is it possible to use a single remote control to manage TV, DVD player, DVR, Receiver, etc.?
  • Yes, our experts can program your remote and show you how to control and use each and every device.

  • What about individual remote control devices? Will they work?
  • Yes. Don’t worry at all, as they would continue working with respective devices.

  • My remote control device seems obscured?
  • Our experts can re-tune your remote device or can make you do so successfully.