Some Android Apps to Look Out for Women’s Safety In 2015

Some Android Apps to Look Out for Women’s Safety In 2015

When it comes to India, what resonates in the head, basically, it is the culture, people, streets, dynamism, hospitality, however; juxtaposing that there is also a dark corner that prevails in this country, recently it has been declared the deadliest place for women, particularly, those aged between 1-6 years and 18-26 years. These girls have been forced into all kinds of heinous things ranging from child labor, begging to even the worst thing that one can think of, sex trades. Girls are being bought and sold, they are brutally ravaged by some barbaric thugs on the street, and they get molested, raped and violated every single day. This is something that has become a trend in India, even they are not spared at offices where literates work. Even there these pseudo chunks flaunting knowledge, quintessential class and aura are indulged in complicit diabolical pursuit. However, though these girls know that India is hostile for them, still they love this country for everything, so no matter whether another “Damini” gets brutally ravaged on street or another girls get molested and exploited at their office, home, on the streets, things have not changed even after all the euphoria, protest, candle marches and government laws. So, the best remedy would be to stay alert and muster the courage from within to fightback the hostility. With a bid to empower girls and women, Techvedic presents Some Android Apps to Look Out for Women’s Safety In 2015.

  1. VithUApp
  2. Adversities can come up anytime and if you are not prepared for that then it can wreak havoc. In times of need, if you have something that sounds simple and optimally functional, in that case, you can have the leverage. So, what this app does is it straightway sends message to all the contacts that are in the phone stating your last location and this helps in best ways to avail the rescue that is so vital at that crucial time. You can straightway download this app from Google store for Android users, Windows store can be accessed for Windows users and Apple enthusiasts can download from Apple app store.

  3. Circle of 6
  4. You can send spontaneous message to 6 different persons during the time of need. So, whether you need lift from somewhere, or you are in danger and you need protection, you can use this app and overcome fear and threat. This app is also available for iPhone devices.

  5. Life 360 Family Locator App
  6. If you want women’s safety mobile apps, in that case, this app fits in for all. This app sends message to your family members whose number is fed in the app and it shows your location on a confidential map. At the same time, keeping the safety thing aside, you can even communicate with your family members through chats on the go while using this app. So, for women’s safety this ICT technology is certain to let you wonder and it would be a wise thing to download it in your phone for keeping adversities at bay.

  7. Nirbhaya- A fearless App
  8. This app is a posthumous reference to the boldness and strength that the victim on 16th December, 2012 showed to fight against her perpetrators. This app allows to send message to the near and dear ones at a touch of a button. So, once you do that than your location and GPS tracking detail is sent to the helpline numbers that you feed in the app. So, you can always be certain of having the company of your family in times of need.

  9. Sentinel Personal Security SOS Apps
  10. If you want the best Information Communication Technology support for women’s safety, in that case, you should definitely go for this app. This app is real fast or rather the fastest in the market, it sends the signal through SMS, and alerts to concerned authorities, family and friends and you get instant reply to help you face the situation. Once the SMS is sent, it contains the GPS location, time and the direction that can help you to reach the spot faster. So, once you touch the phone, it acts like your savior in the best way.