Now Book Unreserved Tickets Using Indian Railways Mobile App

Tickets Using Indian Railways Mobile App A new revolution has entered once again in the IT domain of India with the launch of unreserved ticketing mobile app that Indian railways is about to adopt. Imitating the erstwhile states like Mumbai and Chennai, this year will witness this new system getting implemented at pan India level. With this pioneering initiative, India would be removing the hassle of ticket booking, standing on the queue, at the same time, even missing the trains due to crowd. Yes, just one app would downplay all. At the same time, unlike its parental states, this new system will not require the need of producing hard copies to the TTE; rather, you can just keep the soft copy on the phone and say hello to happy journey on the largest train network in the world. This development was much awaited and with the authorities expediting the process, this ticket booking app that Android users are about to use this year would transform their ticket booking experience. The overhauling of the ticketing system with the introduction of this app would bring some respite to the crowd management at railway stations. People have been facing tough challenges while ticket booking and with the introduction of this apps, those niche that were resorted to general ticketing would get the advantage of booking the tickets, cancelling them and even renewing the daily MST’s, from anywhere. So, it would be a win-win situation for passengers, wanderlust enthusiasts and even for the train authorities. So, if you are a dynamic traveler who is keen towards using the Indian Railways then you should in all probability keep these apps in your phone for a hassle free journey.

  1. Ixigo Indian rail & Trains
  2. This is the app that would remove all the hassles that you face while journeying by train. From train status to berth booking, you can meet with all these pursuits using this app.

  3. Ixigo PNR Status -Train Flight
  4. If you have planned to travel next month, however, your ticket is still hanging in between waiting and confirmation and you are continuously seeking its status, this one is for you. Just enter the PNR in the PNR inquiry box and find everything that you need. It can even scan through the message to deliver the information you want.

  5. Rail Yatri
  6. This app is a must to have in your Android phone for streamlining your train travel experience. The advantage that it wields is reveal information about new trains that are present near your stations. At the same time, it also provides information about closet station, route change and other benefits that you may seek to ease the train travel experience.

  7. Indian Train Alarm
  8. This alarm lets you enjoy sleep while on the journey and wakes you up at your desired station. So, if you are someone who has a bitter experience of missing the destination station, in that case, you can always look forward to this app.