Technology Consultation

Technology Consultation


A single technology has many facets; so to make better use of it, you should know the pros and cons of each. A detailed know-how of technology followed by a better interpretation of its protocols translates into smooth and error-free computing experience, besides wisely planning your investments. Reliable technology consultation from experts can help you to accomplish vivid tasks smoothly with the least investment and hassles.


Services we offer

Reviewing the level of comfort required with computer or network

Solution to purchase compatible technology products or gadgets
Suggesting best software, driver, or respective update
Recommendation to upgrade, integrate, and virtualize software or hardware
Offering tips for computer, firewall and network settings for hassle-free performance
  • What more the consulting service covers besides computer?
  • All that you can imagine -- linked with computer or network -- is covered by XpertCrew™.

  • Do you have any affiliation with hardware vendor in our country?
  • No. We are totally unbiased. Our priority is to let you make optimum of technology with lest investment.

  • Is your technology support restrained by product warranty?
  • No, we are an independent service provider, and are not constrained by the manufacturer terms of warranty.