What We Do

Empowering people with technology.

We have a pretty democratic perception about technology – it’s by the people, of the people and for the people. And our below services are an attempt to make it true.

A. Tech support

  1. Home user
    We provide Online, In-Home and In-Store tech support services via EasyTechy to setup and install, diagnose and repair, protect and secure, and speedup and optimize technology products of your choice. Our brand-independent and subscription-based services make it easy for you to stay productive, connected and entertained anywhere anytime.
  2. Small & medium business IT support
    Underscoring that small & medium businesses play a vital role in the world economy and are considered as powerhouse of employment, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Techvedic EasyTechy has introduced on-demand small and medium business IT support under tailored and discreet monthly subscription plans with an aim to provide rigor to technology platforms to reduce business operational costs and enhance customer-satisfaction rate.

B. Cloud backup and recovery

To make sure data is available anywhere anytime to people and stays safe against any unauthorized access, viruses and malware, we have brought BackupRunner offering competent cloud-based backup and recovery solution for PCs and Macs. We have tailored subscription-based plans to match the demand of individuals and businesses.

C. Business communication & collaboration

Techvedic believes that communication & collaboration is the key-aspect of any business irrespective of its industry type and geography and, therefore brings reliable, secured, agile and proven solutions thereof through Fonebell. What we develop and offer go in sync with the changing technology paradigm and people’s technology consumption behavior and habit to let entrepreneurs steer their businesses effectively amidst mounting business challenges.

D. Customer relationship management solutions (CRM)

“Satisfied customers are brand ambassadors”, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions from Techvedic can help you make it happen without any stress by having a 360 – degree view of your customers.

When it comes to delighting customers, intellects, round the globe, unanimously agree with the below formula.
Satisfaction=Scale* Efficiency*Quality
Here is what that means:

  1. Scale = the number of customer issues an organization receives.
  2. Efficiency= the amount of time it takes for an organization to respond to an issue.
  3. Quality= the percent of issues resolved with a single response.

By having a better two-way interaction with customers through our CRM solutions, you not only entertain your existing customers with reliable and responsive service, but also increase your chances of gaining the confidence of non-existing ones.

E. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Your people are the face of your business, who make your vision and mission tangible. Therefore, we, at Techvedic, develop innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that empower them to collaborate and communicate in a better manner across all departments and drive the business goals amid all challenges by having an enduring impact on customers.

We don’t only provide ERP solutions, but make sure that they work right in your business ecosystem and serve the below objectives:

  1. Integrate financial information
  2. Integrate customer order information
  3. Standardize and speeding up manufacturing processes
  4. Reduce inventory
  5. Standardize HR information

With consolidated real-time business information, make better business strategy, serve customers with agility and perfection and create the paragon that you dreamt of.

F. Tech product shopping

Bringing technology products at home or work becomes faster, easier and safer with techSTORE than ever. We offer a range of software or hardware products from the diverse categories, viz., computing and imaging to communication, gaming and entertainment.

G. Technology news and product reviews

To let people make the most of the technology innovations, we have introduced Rigviews – which walk them through the latest products and services available in the market. It can read between the lines as what technology actually bags for end technology-users thereby helping them to make smart decisions.