Our reliable training session– accurate, complete, and up to date — will give you the expertise to discover what technologies hold for you. Whether you are an advanced professionals or a new man to the IT world, we will build up your confidence to make the optimum use of technology surpassing all boundaries.


Services We Offer

Tutorials to setup and install computer, router, printer, etc.

Learning to make use of operating system usage
Training on MS Office, browser, email, firewall settings
Know-how to backup document, photos, emails, etc.
Tutorials to keep browser, email, social network, etc. safe and secure
Easy tips to fix frequent computer issues, and speed up PC
Quick review of MP3 player, and various features to burn CDs, copy (rip) CD, and organize music library
Overview and understand any new software
  • I have shifted from Windows to Mac; would you help me to easily navigate to my favorite applications?
  • We have designed a comprehensive training program matching new Mac users like you.

  • Can XpertCrew™ help train me on with Windows Media Player?
  • Yes. In no time, our training session will transform you into an expert. You would be able to organize music and share it between computer, MP3 player and other devices at home.

  • I’m bit concerned about Facebook Privacy settings; can you help me with that?
  • Speak up your mind. We will simplify Facebook Privacy settings to let you stay protected against Internet cons.

  •  Can your XpertCrew™ provide training to my kids to use Office 2010 to accomplish his projects?
  • Yes. Give us a call, and let us make your kids get started off with the Office suit in an easy way.