TV calibration

TV Calibration


What is holding your TV back from delivering picturesque images and audacious sound quality? Why your TV can’t compete with those on display at electronics store? TV calibration is the only answer that would give worth to your investment.
XpertCrew™ imbibed with the latest digital technology, offers out-of-the-box TV calibration support to derive the professional picture and sound quality as intended by broadcasters, filmmakers, or warranted by your TV manufacturer.


Services we offer

Calibrating the TV set or home theater as per the ambient light for stress-free viewing

Modifying the display settings to match ISF standards for top video performance 
Calibrating input devices like Blu-ray, TiVo, cable box, or VCR to respond amicably
Recommendation about remote control functionalities or features
Dressing wires and cables using wire ties as needed
Step-by-step instructions to use calibration tools, if you own
  • Can you help fix issues with calibrating tools?
  • Yes, besides helping you to make use of its various features.

  • Do I really need to have TV calibration service?
  • ‘Factory display settings’ is meant to match the ambience of the electronics store, which is usually flooded with light, so you need to calibrate the settings according to your home or room.

  • Is there a way to calibrate TV professionally without external assistance?
  • If you're on a budget, we recommend you purchase calibration tools available in storage discs. Follow calibration wizard, or make use of our tutorials.

  • Do I need to calibrate my TV differently for night or day viewing or playing different programs?
  • Obviously, if you want to get the best feeling.