TV Repair

TV Repair


Now getting a TV repaired is as simple as ordering a Pizza. XpertCrew™ from Techvedic can take charge of your TV irrespective of its make or model or the screen size. We offer support for TV based on technologies –liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display (PDP), Digital Light Processing (DLP) or organic light-emitting diode (OLED), etc.


Services we offer

Diagnosing and resolving display and audio problems using TV's remote control

Performing  "Factory Reset" to restore previous good condition  
Explanation to keep the display optimum with specialized cleaning spray, rag and a dust brush
Repair or replacement of corrupted driver, backlight, power supply, controllers kits, etc.
Step-by-step instructions to fix other intermittent problems
  • Is your TV repair service brand specific?
  • No. We are open to repair any TV from Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony or any other popular brand.

  • Will you take care of an out-dated TV model, or which has gone beyond warranty period?
  • Yes, we are not restrained by the manufacturer's warranty period.

  • How long will it take to repair my TV?
  • Depending upon the gravity of the issue and the parts availability it may differ, but it's typically a week.

  • I’m skeptic about the repair cost? Does it depend upon the type/brand or cost of the TV I own?
  • Situation differs a lot, and often depends upon the costing of damaged parts.