Wireless Network Setup

Wireless Network Setup


Wireless computing is a trend now, and everybody seems trying to get rid of fussy and puzzling wired cables. However, for error-free wireless network setup to attain smooth sharing of information and resources, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the wireless protocols.


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Examining the built-in wireless router technologies

Setting up and configuring wireless router, peripherals, and gadgets
Modifying router security settings
Enabling devices to share the Internet, files, printers and other media (photos, videos, music, etc.)
Troubleshooting issues with Internet, email, network devices
VoIP (voice over IP) setup
Configuring In-home devices like TV, tablets, smartphones with PC or laptop
  • What can I share with the wireless network setup?
  • Share everything, from stored hard-disk information (documents, photos, videos and music) to Internet and network resources including printers, scanners, or more.

  • Will your XpertCrew™ setup and configure TV or home theater devices with my laptop/PC?
  • Yes, in case those devices have built-in wireless support features.

  • Can you setup, configure and troubleshoot any wireless router?
  • Yes, our services are not constrained by brand or product origin.

  • Can you block viruses or malware against wireless network?
  • Yes. We can modify the security features available with wireless router. Also we can remove viruses or malware, if required, from your infected PCs/devices.