How Artificial Intelligence is becoming the new norm of the technological world?

The art of making technology behave the way you want – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Artificial intelligence is basically science and engineering of making intelligent machines, that allows them to act and learn. This intelligence has come a long way from ancient days. With the invention of computers, AI method began and technology further stimulated its behavior.AI […]

Why should you consider underpinning your client expansion initiatives with Techvedic innovation?

Have a more than satisfied & loyal clientele Organization these days find it quite difficult to deliver the high expectations of their clients with the changing phase of customer interaction. Techvedic, using all its expertise, gets corporates an end-to-end multichannel customer interaction services support software to make the most out of their customer interactions. It [...]

How about letting ‘digitization’ penetrate deeper in the organization through your employees?

Embrace the evolution - The world is DIGITAL make your workforce too Digitize your workforce to transform your enterprise. The digital revolution is over taking the way enterprises work. They are revolutionizing every step of workforce processes. Digital technologies covering social collaboration, mobile performance support, work-stream analytics, and intelligent decision support are developing with time [...]

Let cloud computing redefine your organization’s data storage space

Get in touch with Tech world with CLOUD COMPUTING It is becoming difficult for professionals and organizations to keep all their vital information, programs and systems up and running on the computer servers. The best solution to keep the digital data safe is to transfer the significant pieces of the business to the cloud. There [...]